Now that summer has officially started, it is time to decide what to do with those hot days to come. What could be better than a day on the lake in your boat? A quick zip around the 59 square miles of Lake Lanier or anchoring somewhere along its 692 miles of shoreline can be just the thing to squeeze out all the fun you can during the summer months. A cookout on your houseboat or towing family and friends around on an inner tube are fantastic ways to make the most of your aquatic time. Beating the heat can mean either splashing in the cool water during the day or enjoying a nice breeze during the night as you gaze up into a star filled Georgia sky. It doesn’t matter if your boat just rolled out of a dealer’s showroom or if it has a few years on it, all boats share something in common… they can benefit from the products and services offered by On the Water Solutions.

The same sun that brings us out to the water in the first place can have a devastating effect on the different boats we operate. The harsh sunlight can fade and dry out upholstery. This can cause it to crack. Harmful rays from the sun also cause plastic and fiberglass parts to break down. It can heat up the cockpit of the boat to the point where sitting down is quite unpleasant. Bird droppings, as well as leaves and other airborne debris, also play havoc with your craft. Still another issue can be animals nesting on your boat. Fortunately, these problems can be avoided with the use of a custom made boat cover or bimini top. While a canvas cover protects the entire vessel, a bimini top protects just the cockpit of the craft.

Custom-designed and custom-made boat covers are the best type to use. Many people over the years have hired Mitch Amisano at On the Water Solutions to create such a cover for their particular boat. Whether it is a super-fast sport boat, a medium-sized cruiser, yacht, fishing boat, pontoon boat or even a luxurious houseboat, On the Water Solutions can fashion just the right one for you. Maxum, Sea Ray, Yamaha, and Chaparral are just a few of the many types of boats we can create a cover for. We also offer complete boat canvas services. We repair already existing covers, upholster seats, and make custom boat enclosures. We have water resistant or water-proof Sunbrella marine canvas for covers and Shaw marine carpet which is perfect for houseboats. We service all of Lake Lanier and Lake Allatoona.

Now is a perfect time to consult with Mitch Amisano at On the Water Solutions. While your boat is a source of fun and recreation, it is also a major investment. We can do more than just protect your vessel. We can help to upgrade and customize it to fit your needs and desires. Don’t let the days of summer get away from you. Fire up the grill, slip on the bathing suits, put on sunscreen and get out and enjoy them. Lake Lanier and Lake Allatoona are calling!