The upgrading of your boat can also mean the addition of a marine satellite television. What could be better than being at Lake Lanier or Lake Allatoona and enjoy both the sun and your favorite television shows? On the Water Solutions has what you want so that a day at the lake doesn’t mean you have to miss the big game or any other program. We proudly offer five of KVH’s award-winning TracVision products. We carry the high performance TracVision M7 and TracVision M5 as well as the compact TracVision M1, TracVision M3DX, and TracVision M3ST. We have the satellite television solution for every boat on Lake Lanier or Lake Allatoona.

While these three TracVision products are compact in size, they are not small in terms of performance. The TracVision M3DX is small, simple, and powerful. With a diameter of 14.5″, this machine has a dBW of 50 and is designed for boats 30+ feet in length. It is truly the right choice for a boat on the go. dBW is a unit of measurement that represents the strength of a signal in the decibel scale relative to one watt. The M3ST is the same diameter and possesses an identical 50 dBW but it has DirectTV access. It is ideal for 30+ feet vessels and can be used in the waters of the continental U.S. and within 100-200 miles offshore. The smallest of our compact line is the TracVision M1. It is only 12.5″ in diameter and for use in continental U.S. and coastal waters only. It has a 51 dBW and DirectTV access. It is comparable to the theatre system you have at home.

The TracVision M7 is designed for boats or yachts 60′ – 80′ ft. It is 24″ in diameter and has commercial grade performance and solid reception so that you won’t even think about your own television. This product includes KVH’s RingFire antenna that extends your coverage area and is comparable to much larger antennas. It has a dBW of 46-47. The TracVision M5 is 18″ in diameter and is for boats 40+ ft. This item stays locked on and connected so that you can enjoy satellite television while offshore. Quality, reliability, and durability are the three elements that best describe the M5. It features a dBW of 48. Factor in the GyroTrac (Tuna Tower) upgrade that is available only on the high performance models and you have outstanding results in even the most extreme conditions. The picture on your marine television will look just as good as the television you have at home. You might choose to never leave the lake again. So now enjoying day at the lake does not mean you have to miss a day of your television shows. On the Water Solutions provides different types of TracVision products that keep you connected and informed. You don’t have to choose between getting a tan or watching your favorite sports team in action. With TracVision and On The Water Solutions, you can do both. Have fun while you get your game on.